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TV Mounting Service in NYC

//TV Mounting Service in NYC

TV Mounting Service in NYC

TV Mounting Service in New York City, our company has been at service of NYC for over 9 years, we pride ourselves with the good reputation we have acquired over these years, our TV installers are professionals who understand how tv and any other equipment should be mounted on the wall. Why take chances in installing your TV when you can have professionals do it?
It is very important to position the mount in the wall so the screws go inside the beams which will guarantee the TV from falling down. We have many cases where televisions are installed right into the sheet-rack which is very dangerous and over time it will probably fall causing material and also might cause physical damage.
Our technicians are equipped with the best modern day tools like stud finer which determines where the studs are our modern stud finders are even telling the technicians weather it is metal or wood or there might even be an electrical mill or a gas mill which if drilled might cause an explosion. This is why it is never a good idea to make holes inside the wall by your selves.

When the television is safely installed into the wall this gives our technicians a peace of mind which is very important for them and you also.

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